Omagh District Council is committed to developing and regenerating Omagh. A Town Centre Action Plan for the regeneration of Omagh Town Centre is now complete and can be downloaded here.

The Omagh Town Centre Action plan sets out key actions that will be developed by the Urban Regeneration Officer to further regenerate and assert the regional significance of Omagh.

A number of workshops were held with retailers in Omagh town centre over August and September 2009, and all retailers were invited to attend and make a contribution towards the development of the action plan. The workshops took the form of facilitated discussions about the future development of Omagh and many ideas for regeneration were raised and are included in the Action Plan.

The Town Centre Action Plan will be monitored by a Town Centre Forum – a representative body which will monitor the progress of the action plan and ensure regeneration objectives set out in the action plan are being reached. The forum will be made up of Councillors, relevant government departments, representative from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and representatives from Omagh town centre businesses.

The Action Plan will outline development priorities in the short term (2/3 years) but the longer term vision for Omagh is encapsulated within “Omagh: Towards a City Vision for 2025”, a comprehensive integrated and sustainable strategy for the period to 2025 and which sets out the economic, social and environmental challenges for Omagh.  The visioning document outlines how these challenges will be addressed to advance the well being and quality of life of the people.  The vision will be achieved through a partnership and sustainable development approach to achieve city status for Omagh by 2025. Click here to view Omagh’s City Vision, 2025.